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We CAN'T wait to party with you!

DJ Services

Excite The Night

From weddings to retail events, proms, Sweet 16’s, corporate holiday parties, and everything in between, our DJs mix it old school to new school to whatever-you–want school. And we always travel with back up equipment and full liability insurance because you never get a second chance at a perfect event the first time.

Room Lighting

Light Up The Night

You’ve planned the perfect wedding in the perfect ballroom at the most perfect wedding venue. Now add some color and a little bit of your own personality and make it really pop. We offer fully wireless, high output LED room / uplighting fixtures to make your celebration your own. Amber, purple, lavender, pink, the colors and color combinations are almost endless and we’re certain to find something that compliments your wardrobe, decor, and most importantly your style.time.

Custom Monograms

A Classy Touch

For those who want to truly personalize and customize their event experience, Lost Art DJs now offers custom monograms. Using super- fancy projection equipment, we can blast your company logo, new last name, wedding date, and more onto your venue’s wall, ceiling, or floor in brilliant 1080p high-definition.

Dance Lighting

Dance the night away

Our dance lighting will kick your party up to an eleven. Pairing our state-of-the-art lighting fixtures with cutting-edge software and some DJ ingenuity, we can program these lights to perform on command in a variety of shapes, colors, and movements.